Healthy in Nature is a cohesive movement that explores the relationship between human health and nature. The Healthy in Nature movement began with a focus on children’s re-connection with nature, and has now grown to include people of all ages and the need for natural re-connection across the lifespan. During the past decade, there has been significant activity within the Healthy in Nature movement internationally, nationally and within BC.

In BC, the BC Recreation and Parks Association facilitated national discussions on Healthy in Nature and was a sponsor and Steering Committee member for the 2011 Healthy by Nature Forum hosted in Vancouver 2011. At the forum, The Vancouver Healthy by Nature Charter was created and represents a call to action for “the people, organizations, and governments of Canada to strengthen their understanding, research and connection between improved human health and well-being to access nature.”

There is no question that interest in this issue is growing and that it is an opportune time to build on the momentum of this issue. This is why the BCRPA, with the support of the BC Healthy Living Alliance, other provincial partners and the Healthy in Nature Advisory Committee, developed the Healthy in Nature website. The aim of the site is to support parks and recreation professionals in their efforts to re-connect citizens with their natural environments.