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Get to Know Virtual Hikes
Get To Know Society
Sun, 2000-01-02
This program encourages youth to get outdoors and explore nature through learning about the natural environments in their communities. Today, the program works with partners across Canada and the U.S. to deliver innovative initiatives that educate, inspire, and empower young people to take care of the planet.
Outdoor Recreation Guide
Fraser Valley Regional District (
Fraser Valley Regional District (
Tue, 2008-01-01
“The Fraser Valley Regional District’s Outdoor Recreation Guide is an online service that provides information on some of the world-class hiking opportunities that are available throughout the Fraser Valley. This service includes an interactive web map as well as a searchable database containing numerous hiking trails for all skill levels, from popular favourites to hidden gems. Trails can be searched by map as well as by name, general area, difficulty, or duration. Once a trail has been selected, directions to the trailhead, a trail description, and a trail map are available for download.”
Outdoor Nature Child
Wilderness Awareness School
Tue, 2009-01-06
This website has fun Outdoor Games for Kids and Nature Games and Activities for ages five through adults.
Take a hike and call me in the morning.
Daphne Miller
The Washington Post
Tue, 2009-11-17
This article highlights doctors around the country who are medicating their patients with nature in order to prevent (or treat) health problems ranging from heart disease to attention deficit disorder.
The Park Prescription.
D. Fleischer
Green Impact
Sun, 2010-05-23
This article is a summary of Dr. Daphne Miller's speach at the Bay Area Open Space Council Conference: Take Five (Minutes) and Call Me In the Morning; prescribing patients to spend more time outsides to improve their health.
Climbing Trees: Getting Aussie Kids Back Outdoors
Anna Bowden, Lucy Band, Brad Gray
Planet Ark (
Sat, 2011-01-01
“In March 2011, Planet Ark commissioned an independent study to investigate childhood interaction with nature and how this interaction is changing. The research was conducted by Pollinate, a specialist communications research company, and was sponsored by Toyota Australia. This report presents the results of this research but also draws on the work and key findings from the 2004 study, An Investigation of the Status of Outdoor Play, conducted by Rhonda Clements of Hofstra University, New York, which looked at the extent to which children in the USA participate in active outdoor play compared with the previous generation. The Planet Ark commissioned research sought to replicate this American study in an Australian context, focusing on the levels of current childhood outside activity compared with the previous generation, as well as the perceptions of the benefits of outdoor activity, the barriers to outside play and people’s understanding of National Tree Day. This report also discusses the benefits for children that come from active outdoor play, drawn from the growing body of research around this field of study. Additionally, this report seeks to provide a range of practical solutions that parents and caregivers can integrate into a regular routine to help reunite children with nature.”
Ten Outdoor Education Activities for Teenagers
Indaba Network
Mon, 2011-01-03
This document includes outdoor education activities for teens which include objectives, description and evaluation.
Fact Sheet: Children’s Health and Nature
Health and Environment Program
National Environmental Education Foundation
Sat, 2011-12-31
"The Initiative educates pediatric health care providers about prescribing outdoor activities to children. The program also connects health care providers with local nature sites, so they can refer families to safe and easily accessible outdoor areas."
Gateway to Nature
Alberta Parks and Recreation Association (
Alberta Parks and Recreation Association (
Sun, 2012-01-01
“At Gateway to Nature, we believe time spent in nature results in healthier and happier people! The Gateway To Nature app, includes Videos from various Alberta Parks. There is also an album “Songs for the Willmore” that includes eleven tracks that you can enjoy. Some of the videos and music tracks are free. All profits from the sale of this album go to support children and nature programming.”
Forest School Canada; Natural Leaders Alliance
Children and Nature Alliance of Canada ( )
Children and Nature Alliance of Canada ( )
Sun, 2012-01-01
“Forest School Canada is a national initiative to promote nature-based education in the early years and beyond. We offer a nationally certified Forest School training program, consulting, policy development, and research. Additionally, we identify and support lab schools as centres of best practice to further support educators in re-orienting their practice towards outdoor, sustainable, and nature-based learning.” “The Natural Leaders Alliance is a youth-led initiative of the Child and Nature Alliance that empowers young Canadians who recognize the importance of spending time outdoors, and who want to help engage their communities in nature.”