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Policies for Maximizing Nature Tourism’s Ecological and Economic Benefits
Kreg Lindberg
World Resources Institute
Tue, 1991-01-01
“This report focuses on two basic contributions of nature tourism: 1. funding for creation and maintenance of public and private natural areas through entrance fees, concessions, and royalties; and 2. economic opportunities that reduce the pressure to encroach on natural areas for food and fiber. With this potential in mind, two questions arise: How much does tourism actually contribute to economic development? and Which economic policies increase nature tourism's contribution without degrading the natural resources on which it is based?”
Ecotourism: Principles, Practices & Policies for Sustainability
Megan Wood
United Nations Environmental Program
Tue, 2002-01-01
“This publication, intended as a preparatory document for the World Ecotourism Summit in Quebec, 2002, reviews the current status and trends in ecotourism globally, the challenges ahead and the lessons learned in over 15 years of ecotourism development involving a broad range of stakeholders.”
Ecotourism – Sustainable Tourism in National Parks and Protected Areas: Banff National Park in Canada and Nationalpark Gesause in Austria – A Comparison
Stephan Obenaus
Sat, 2005-01-01
This project serves to outline ecotourism principles and practices in National Parks and protected areas. It highlights both the benefits and harms associated with ecotourism in these areas, and uses examples from Canada and Austria to explore different approaches to management and their consequences.