In this section you will find information and supporting research about the benefits of nature and healthy ecosytems such as:

How spending time in nature improves human health-

it is well known that being in nature has an impact on health but did you know that there is research to support that viewing nature is also positive for health in terms of recovering from stress, improving concentration and productivity, and improving psychological state, particularly of people in confined circumstances such as prisons and hospitals?.

The role of healthy ecosystems in human health--these resources shed light on the relationships between urban green space, and ecosystem and human health. 

How parks and protected areas contribute to vibrant healthy communities-here you will find information to provide support for developing policies that encourage the creation and maintenance of parks and built environments to play a role in chronic disease prevention.

Economic benefits of parks another green spaces - The economic angle is often not considered when the thinking about the  importance of our parks and green spaces but did you know that a study conducted in 2011 estimated that Canada‚Äôs national, provincial and territorial parks created over 64,000 full time equivalent jobs which has a significant impact on labour income and our GDP?