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What makes a park inclusive and universally designed? (Chapter 7 in Open Space People Space)
Robin Moor and Nilda Cosco
Publisher: Taylor and Francis, London‎
Tue, 2007-01-02
"This chapter describes a multi-method approach to assess social inclusion in a university designed park to understand the environment/behaviour dynamics. The approach may be useful for planners and designers wanting to provide successful park environments for all."
Recreation Your Way: A Resource Guide Designed to Help Facilitate Inclusive Recreation in Your Community
Jake Reid
Recreation New Brunswick (
Thu, 2009-01-01
“Recreation Your Way is a program that has been designed and delivered by the Inclusive Recreation Committee of Recreation New Brunswick/Active Living Alliance for Canadians with a Disability NB. It is a one-day event for people with disabilities, their friends and families, to participate in various recreation, sports and leisure activities. During the event, activities on various inclusive recreation activities, some with specialized equipment, are offered. These sessions allow registrants with disabilities, and their friends and family, to try new activities and/or find new ways to participate in favourite activities from the past. This resource guide is meant as an educational tool to help plan, promote and deliver a Recreation Your Way event in communities.”
Search for Best Practices in Inclusive Recreation: Preliminary Findings
Stuart Schleien, Kimberley Miller, Mary Shea
Journal of Park and Recreation Administration
Thu, 2009-01-01
“Numerous professional practices designed to facilitate inclusive community recreation have been developed, field tested, and disseminated. Despite major federal disability rights legislation and broad dissemination of these inclusive practices, they are not commonly practiced in most community recreation agencies. This article presents results of one key component of a comprehensive, qualitative research project designed to study best practices that result in inclusive and sustainable community recreation at administrative, programmatic, and consumer levels. The focus of this article is on administrative-level approaches used within agencies.”
Nature Play and Learning Places: Creating and Managing Places Where Children Engage in Nature
Robin C. Moore and Allen Cooper
National Wildlife Federation and Natural Learning Initiative
Wed, 2014-01-01
Nature Play & Learning Places: Creating and managing places where children engage with nature, offers a set of guidelines for those who create, manage or promote development of nature spaces in the everyday environments of children, youth, and families, especially in urban/suburban communities. The goal is to attract kids and families outdoors to interact directly with nature.